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ssh public key of Enrrique

I'm the new coordinator of Galician (gl) translators team of Mozilla products.
Now I have a svn/ldap account and I can upload the web pages translations.

For the rest of products I'm translating all the Mozilla Products at Narro and there I have completed Weave, Thunderbird 3.1 and 3.0, Firefox 3.6 and lastest version of Fennec.

For now my problem is that I  can't upload all those translations to mercurial so I need a hg account.

I attach my public ssh key.

I have sended the "Committer's Agrreement" for the account creation (svn/ldap).  May I have to send it again?
Let me know if you need something else from me.

Enrique Estévez Fernánez
http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/commit-access-policy/ - requires a voucher. If you have already submitted the Committer's Agreement, we do not need another one.


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Hello everyone.

I'm translating with Narro .. I already completed Thunderbrid next (comm-central) and Firefox next (comm-central). Now I'm updating Firefox 3.5. I have also translated web pages (Pascal helped me a lot).

Not only have I translated. I am also reviewing the status of the translations. Galician community has reached new agreements terminology and I am applying. I am also standardizing translations.

As is the theme of the account. I need people to upload work to have the mozilla products in Galician. For now I'm talking to Simon and Axel, but time runs against the Galician language.

Tell me I have to do.
I will vouch for Enrique. From what I can see the quality of his work is good and I'm sure, that will continue.
Erica: Have you received a form from Enrique?

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8 years ago
I have a form on file for Enrique.
Axel: This looks good to go - do you concur?

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8 years ago

As member galician translator community, if this helps, I want vouch for Enrique's coodination. He is doing a great job and demand to active his account to level 3. Please


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8 years ago

I'm still waiting to be able to take account of Mercurial. Both Firefox and Thunderbird are translated to 100% in Narro. Also Fennec y Firefox Sync (Weave).

Today I've had a very nice surprise. The Galician government people recognize my work and published on its website of Free Software. I also have said that if it takes some pronouncement that they would love it.

I send you the translated news:
Mozilla main products are completely translated into Galician

The Mozilla's Galician translation team is doing a spectacular work keeping up to 100% the Galician translation of the main products like Firefox, Thunderbird or Fennec. This great work is being coordinated by Enrique Estévez, alias Keko.

Since he assumed the Mozilla's Galician translation team coordination, April 2010, the results appeared almost immediately. After the previous coordinator gave him all the accurate information to do this work, Keko starts to coordinate the team and to make himself the translation through the translation tool supplied by Mozilla: Narro that it shows the following statistics:

He not only translated all the new strings but also made a complete review of previous translations to check his homogenization and coherence and the application of terminology agreements achieved by the Galician l10n team, grouped mainly in Trasno project, to which also belong Galician translations teams for GNOME, OpenOffice.org, Ubuntu, … This Galician l10n team recently celebrated his first workshop, Trasnada'10, which brought together the main free software translators to Galician to interchange experiences in the different projects they coordinate, to improve his coordination as well as to take decisions to manage their future work.

But all this work is not reflected with the availability of Mozilla products in Galician as Galician people would desire. At the moment, only Firefox and Thunderbird are in Galician, and this last one as a beta language. This is because Keko, the Mozilla's Galician translation team, has not the necessary permissions to commit his translations to Mozilla repositories. He depends on asking other Mozilla people to make this important last step for him.

There's no doubt that a community governed as a meritocracy like Mozilla, can not ignore the great work that Galician community is doing, coordinated by Keko, and finally trust in the person who get the public recognition for his work and consequently give him shortly the permissions to make possible that Galicia people can enjoy Mozilla products in Galician.

Axel - Ping again re: whether this one is good to go.
Vouching based on the work in bug 625069 et al.

Over to IT for creating an scm_l10n hg account. Please also send out the ldap password.
Assignee: mozillamarcia.knous → server-ops
Depends on: 625069
Whiteboard: ssh-key,voucher,form
Assignee: server-ops → jberry

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Attached ssh key, enabled hg and scm_110n hg bits, and emailed password
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Enrique, feel free to drop by in #l10n for your first commits, it'll likely be good to walk through the steps. Milos might be your victim of choice there, he's been talking quite a few folks through it by now.


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