Cannot subscribe to mailboxes with a > (greater then) sign through IMAP



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Networking: IMAP
8 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Sven Kirmess, Unassigned)


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1.9.2 Branch
Windows Vista
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8 years ago
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You cannot subscribe to (or create) folders with a > (greater then) sign through IMAP. I've verified this bug with the dovecot 2 server and with gmail IMAP access.

If you try to subscribe to the mailbox <test> you get the error message that the server could not find the mailbox "<test". It looks like the > sign is not correctly escaped and somehow interpreted as part of an IMAP command.

If you try to subscribe to <test>test you also get the error message that mailbox "<test" does not exist.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a folder called <test> with another IMAP client.
2. Try to subscribe to this folder with Thunderbird.

Actual Results:  
not subscribed to the folder

Expected Results:  
subscribed to the folder


8 years ago
Version: unspecified → 3.1
Can you provide an imap log of this when you try ? (see )
Blocks: 160644
Component: Folder and Message Lists → Networking: IMAP
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
QA Contact: folders-message-lists → networking.imap
Version: 3.1 → 1.9.2 Branch

Comment 2

8 years ago
This is a dup of a very old bug, I believe.
Whiteboard: dupeme
The very old bug is probably bug 23789(we duped to bug 538942).
Blocks: 124287
Bug 538942 is problem upon SELECT after next to XLIST(other mailer subscribed).
> * XLIST (\Noselect \HasChildren) "/" "<script>alert('XSS')<"
Setting dependency instead of duping, to keep SUBSCRIBE case, although basically dup.
No longer blocks: 160644
Severity: normal → major
Depends on: 538942


6 years ago
Ever confirmed: true
Whiteboard: dupeme → [waiting on bug 538942]
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