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Better message for leftover tabs and windows on timed out browser-chrome tests


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Actually we confused some timeout with bug 573779 because the harness was complaining about open tabs. If a test times out it is pretty obvious it could have left something behind, then we should just close tabs and windows and move on. The timeout error is what we care about.
I ended up clicking enter too early. patch is untested, just a PoC
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Actually I fear that removing that information will make timeouts harder to debug. For example yesterday the tab left open was about:addons and indeed the patches causing the timeout were related to addons.

So the alternative is changing the message.
"Found a tab after previous test timed out: uri" should clarify the reason.
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alternative patch

>diff --git a/testing/mochitest/browser-test.js b/testing/mochitest/browser-test.js

>   waitForWindowsState: function Tester_waitForWindowsState(aCallback) {
>+    let timedOut = this.currentTest && "timedOut" in this.currentTest;

can just be this.currentTest && this.currentTest.timedOut
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Summary: Don't complain about open tabs or open windows if previous test timed out → Better message for leftover tabs and windows on timed out browser-chrome tests
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