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8 years ago
I have the following code:

this.saveTimeout = setTimeout(this.utils.bind(this, function() {
}), this.SAVE_DELAY);

Which occasionally (and so far unreproducibly) gives the following:

Component returned failure code: 0xc1f30001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_INITIALIZED)

I suspect this is related to my using of JS Code Modules, as I've seen all kinds of such bugs from them.  The above code is inside a method of an object (not defined in the code module), that is in a singleton variable inside a module.

This particular problem can be worked around I think by doing an immediate save on failure, but it's still somewhat concerning.

Spotted on FF3.5/3.6, WinXP/7.

No idea how to reproduce or how to gather more info, but my extension is good at collecting such errors and letting me know, so if you help me on how I might gather more details I may be able to provide more as I see this one once every few days I think.

Comment 1

8 years ago
I should also note that this seems to happen at the same time as the problem that makes global variables disappear with errors like:

Components is not defined  (bug #522338 filed on DOM Inspector)
<user-var> is not defined

Assignee: general → nobody
Component: JavaScript Engine → DOM
QA Contact: general → general

Comment 2

8 years ago
I suspect this isn't a DOM issue, because the whole Javascript context seems to become corrupted (eg the "Components is not defined" thing) but I guess I don't know enough about the FF design.

In particular this isn't just an issue with my extension, the errors come out of other extensions too, although it's of course possible that my extension is provoking the engine corruption.

Still waiting on hearing some ideas about how I can gather more info for you.
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