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servidor: pop3.telefonica.net Puerto:110
nombre usuario: tuusuario$telefonica.net
Utilizar conexión segura: No

servidor: smtp.telefonica.net Puerto:25
nombre usuario: tuusuario$telefonica.net
Utilizar conexión segura: No

(yes, that's a "$" symbol. I can't test this since I don't have Telefonica ISP as my Internet provider in Spain, but I'll ask my friends, maybe we have luck)


8 years ago
Assignee: nobody → willyaranda
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Comment 3

8 years ago
Same problems as for terra.es (bug 580940):
- SMTP smtp.telefonica.net 25 works plain and with STARTTLS
- SMTP smtp.telefonica.net 587 does not work
- SMTP smtp.telefonica.net 465 SSL does not work
- POP3 pop3.telefonica.net 110 works plain, but not with STARTTLS
- POP3 pop3.telefonica.net 995 SSL does not work
- IMAP imap.telefonica.net 993 SSL does not work
- IMAP imap.telefonica.net 143 plain responds, but IMAP commands fail.

Either it's the same ISP as terra.es, or they use the same bad server implementation. Both say "POP3 PROXY" and "IMAP PROXY" as greeting.

Guillermo, as said in bug 580940 comment 3 and 4, please try to find SSL configs.

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8 years ago
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NOT tested

As for config file format, see <https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Thunderbird/Autoconfiguration>.
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Comment 5

8 years ago
Guillermo can we move forward on this bug ?
this has the same config as terra.es in bug 580940 but changing to telefonica.net

I will post a patch now.

Comment 7

8 years ago
(In reply to comment #6)
> this has the same config as terra.es in bug 580940 but changing to
> telefonica.net
> I will post a patch now.

Then we should handle p-both in the same file I think.
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This should work *the same* as in bug 580940 (terra.es and telefonica.net are the same ISP), this patch has the name "terra.es", but it's the same as I said.

Comment 10

7 years ago
Why didn't you put them both in the same bug, then?

If @telefonica.net accounts can use imap4.terra.es servers (please test this), then we just need to add one line to the terra.es file.
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I think comment 6 may have been indicating the configuration is the same, not that the ISP infrastructure is the same.  (And telefonica does own a lot of ISPs throughout the world.)

imap.movistar.es and imap.telefonica.net are literally the same machine (both resolve through an A to the same IP that reverses back to dns-03.at4.net).  Whereas the terra infrastructure seems quite different (and at least some of them).

movistar.es/telefonica.net both seem to still completely lack support for TLS.

Since an autoconfig without any secure options is the same as no autoconfig to a security-required client like FxOS email and I would like for open bugs to be things being actively addressed, I'm marking this as [insecure] in the whiteboard and resolving it as invalid.  We can reopen when they implement TLS support.  (And if anyone wants to do some advocacy work and contact them, it would be greatly appreciated!)
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Summary: [config] Add telefonica.net (Spain) → [config] Add telefonica.net / movistar.es (Spain)
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