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Allow pages to set own fonts Break Pages when un-checked


(Firefox :: Preferences, defect)

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I tried this with a squeaky clean profile before reporting, Checking the option alow pages to choose their own fonts/etc in 'prefs - content - advanced' breaks pages as an example u can try home page and scroll down right and find From The blog and The twitter feed tabs.

I was wondring why pages were broke, off, and frames/out of place flash boxes/etc were missing, and finally found out this was a problem. This happens no matter what font is used nor what size is set.

Screenshots Before Checked and After Checked (on the profile I mainly use):

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go into Preferences - Content - Advanced
2. Un-Check Allow pages to choose their own fonts instead of the the ones above
3. Refresh or reload url page
Actual Results:  
Things on sites get mis-placed  incl. flash items/etc. Fonts on page don't look right and are all out of whack on differing pages/etc.

Well when changing it off and on it can make a script stop responding. :) not an severe issue but just to throw it out there.
Duplicate of this bug: 923944
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