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Tall iframe breaks painting


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When Firefox navigates to this testcase, it paints nothing -- not even white.  This may be a spoofing risk, both for the testcase and the other page.

1. Load
2. Load the testcase (by pasting its URL into the address bar)

Result: Content area still looks like
Expected: Content area should appear white.
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That's disturbing. Timothy, do you want to try to fix this?
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Who owns this?  Need an owner ASAP.
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I can reproduce what I think is the same issue on Linux: it just paints black.

Looks like this was caused by bug 572613 (retained layers basically).
Blocks: 572613
in nsDisplayCanvasBackground::Paint to fill the mVisibleRect instead seems to fix this bug. So I guess the bgClipRect is overflowing and causing it to not paint.
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Just intersect the bg clip area with the visible rect and draw that.

I don't know why nsThebesRenderingContext::FillRect doesn't draw anything when given such a large rect because it has code specifically to deal with that situation, and it executes correctly in this case. The problem must lie further down into the gfx code.
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I think we should find the underlying bug. The existing code should work.
Setting a breakpoint on _cairo_error might be useful.
A breakpoint on _cairo_error doesn't seem to be hit.
Assignee: tnikkel → nobody
Attached patch fixSplinter Review
Easy fix! We were clamping cairo coordinates to 8388608. However, converting 8388608 to cairo_fixed_t actually wraps around. 8388607 is the largest coordinate that does not wrap around, so clamp to that instead.
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Attachment #461916 - Flags: review?(roc)
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This constant would be more meaningful if it were a written in hex and casted to a double.
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