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The "Remove All Reports" button on about:crashes should remove pending crashes


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When I enter about:crashes in the Location bar, I get a list of several crash reports from over three months ago.  This list is titled "Submitted Crash Reports".  (It turns out that these reports are pending, not submitted.  See bug 512479.)  Clicking the "Remove All Reports" button clears the page and then says "No crash reports have been submitted."  I suppose that message is technically correct, but it's misleading because if I reload about:crashes all the reports I supposedly removed are displayed again.  I get the same result even if I restart Firefox and enter about:crashes again.

Further investigation found that these persistent reports are actually pending, not submitted.  I found them listed in my Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\pending folder.  The "submitted" folder is empty.  I suppose clicking "Remove All Reports" clears out only that folder.  I don't know if there's a good reason for not clearing the pending folder, especially when it's apparent these are reports that never will be automatically submitted anyway.  When I click "Remove All Reports", I expect all of the reports to be removed.  If actually removing all reports is not desired by Mozilla for some reason, then perhaps pending reports should be listed separately, not listed as "Submitted Crash Reports".  See bug 512479.

Reproducible: Always
Even if we fix bug 512479 we should still probably fix this. Thanks for the bug report!
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: "Remove All Reports" doesn't remove pending crash reports in about:crashes → The "Remove All Reports" button on about:crashes should remove pending crashes
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This depends on 'part 1' in bug 462197.
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Tested, and works without problem for me.
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This looks fine, but please add a test.
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This appears to be broken again in Seamonkey 2.13 20120912204827. I click the Remove All Reports button and all the previous crashes appear to be deleted. Reloading about:crashes or even exiting the browser and going to about:crashes shows all the crashes as if they were not deleted.
It's broken in FF 19.0.  I had 61,000 pending reports in  the pending folder.  About:crashes hangs with a slow script.

I would guess that submitted and pending could be listed with a flag so that chonology can be preserved and submitted and pending bugs should be removed separately.  Submitting pending reports from this page would be nice too.
This patch never landed for some reason. jwatt: did you forget about this patch?
Also, fixing bug 820823 would make this much less of an issue, since it would ensure that we don't pile up pending reports like this.
Uh, yes. Can someone land it for me, since I don't have time right now.
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