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Add .<Hong Kong> to IDN whitelist


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Dear Public Suffix,

We are the cTLD for Hong Kong , currently hold the .hk domain suffix. With the new  . 香港 IDN approved by ICANN, we would like to add . 香港 and its subdomain to the Public Suffix List.

Attached is the unified diff between the current list and the new additional . 香港 list for your review.

Please let me know if there is any additional information you will need.

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Ben Choy

Project Manager
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
cTLD for Hong Kong

Gerv's note: This is .xn--j6w193g.

The first step in meeting this request is checking their character lists and
homograph policy.

Ben did not include it but the same list for .hk as for .xn--j6w193g (which we should add at the same time to the IDN list) their character table will have a merger of the following:

.CN Chinese Language Table and
.TW Chinese Language Table

This is per the answer to Q10 of "Chinese '.hk' Domain Name" FAQ 

Attached ICANN delegation of 香港 to HKIRC, for your ref.

As for Anti-Spoof policy, pls .:
1) HKIRC, together with CNNIC and TWNIC, are one of the members of (refer to member list, the "HKNIC" in
and we all use the rfc3743 (aka JET Guidelines) as the policy

2) It is true that HKIRC use the combination of CD and TW Language Tables to do the anti-spoofing. (Q10 in

As for permitted character list:

1) Pls. refer to our registration rule, it states rfc3743 is adopted.

"5.2 Service of Chinese Domain Names

We have adopted the internationalised Domain Name Standard and Guideline (including RFC 3454, 3490, 3491, 3492 and 3743) for all services provided by us in relation to Chinese Domain Names. We reserve our right to change our policies relating to Chinese Domain Names to accommodate and incorporate any changes to the internationalised Domain Name Standard and Guideline without giving you notice. This includes, without limitation, the right to change the Chinese Character Variant Table and its contents."

2) Also, Q10 of our FAQ,

"A: No. However most of the Chinese Characters that can be used in the computer system can be registered as '.hk' Chinese Domain Name. Some Hong Kong Characters may not be available for '.hk' domain name registration. The availability of domain name for registration bases on the Chinese Domain Name Variant Table (combination of CD and TW Language Tables). You can refer to  for CN and TW Language Tables."

Ben Choy
Depends on: 576508
This seems fine. Jothan: can you do whatever's necessary?


No longer depends on: 576508
Depends on: 595865
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