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Feature Suggestion: Group Tabs and Drag & Drop


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I'd like to suggest that for each group a tab should appear in the tab area. These could be aligned to the right, and could be small similar to the "App Tabs". This would allow a faster switch between the groups and would also remind that there are actually more than one group (defending a "where did I lose my tab?" problem).

Also drag & drop could be implemented. Dragging a tab to a group tab would move it there, dragging a tab to the Tab Candy button would open it and would allow to drop the tab in one of the displayed groups.

Reproducible: Always
I've got an extension in the works that does something similar to that, except it displays thumbstacks of the groups (very similar to TabCandy's stacks) in a sidebar, and it supports drag and drop as you suggested.

The down side is that it's taking up space on the side, and the current push is to reduce the amount of chrome use to a minimum. I have an idea in the works though that could solve that issue (chrome space use) and provide the same UI capabilities, but I want to experiment with it a bit first.

(In case you're wondering, think Exposé mixed with a wheel. Not sure it'll work though, so give me a bit to try it out.)
Punting to the future. This would also be a good place for an add-on to step in.
OS: Windows XP → All
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We're not going to address this with Panorama being slated for removal.
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