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Stop trying to package FormNotifier.js, since it doesn't exist


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Well, strictly speaking I think it still exists in Weave-as-an-extension, but it doesn't exist in dist/bin/components since bug 487558 landed.
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I should hurry up and make packager warnings fatal.
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Problem is, the ones you can easily make fatal are the uninteresting ones - I can't remember the last time someone accidentally made a file disappear, but I can easily remember the last time someone forgot to package something that did exist. This mostly matters because Nick's going to see it while checking packaging for the next beta, and will have to make sure it was okay that it didn't exist.
I dunno what we can do about the general problem, except educate developers that they should be calling 'make package', or testing their builds from try, rather than using dist/bin.
Persuade them to also build --disable-tests, so the output of make package-compare is close to usable; teach package-compare about the things it shouldn't mind seeing, and make everything else fatal; move everything we don't want to ship out of dist/bin and package everything. Nothing short-range I know of, other than me building more often on more platforms, since my build scripts do finish with make package-compare.
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> move everything we don't
> want to ship out of dist/bin and package everything.

Yes, please.
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