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Decode IDN punycode in Data Manager


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The current and first version of Data Manager displays domain names as they are stored, which means we display punycode for IDN instead of the decoded version that usually should be user-facing. We should deal with that and decode them where it display them in the UI, just how we do it in the urlbar and other places.
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This patch makes us display IDN hosts correctly everywhere in Data Manager.
Note that login hosts are already stores in encoded form, so they have even been working before, so they only needed a test to make sure they work. For content prefs, they can be set encoded (and Firefox page zoom does), but there's so many places that could set them in theory that it's best to support both decoded and encoded versions and sort things out at display time.
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So does this now show passwords and cookies for an IDN site in the same row?
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> So does this now show passwords and cookies for an IDN site in the same row?

Yes, but actually, that should have happened before as well, as far as I've seen locally (I own an IDN domain and have passwords and cookies for it, that was what made me even realize that there is something to be improved). The URL parser actually returns punycode when fed a UTF8 domain name, from what I experienced here. What this patch changes that we display the UTF8 name (for domains matching the IDN whitelist) correctly everywhere instead of the punycode variant.
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v1: display IDN names correctly

r=me though might be worth getting some sort of review/feedback from someone that knows more about IDN than me
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Unfortunately, I don't know people in our SeaMonkey community that really know much about IDN. I own an IDN domain myself though, so I could test with a practical example in addition to what the test has. I also trust that users/testers will come up with bug reports where we still have issues.

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