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Add ability to copy URLs of to-be-restored pages in Restore Session


(Firefox :: Session Restore, enhancement)

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Feature suggestion: Allow someone to select one or more entries in the Restore Session list and do either Ctrl/Cmd-C, or right-click -> Copy, and have the URLs of the tabs copied to the clipboard.

This would mirror the same functionality in the Bookmarks manager (Library).

Since there does not appear to be a right-click pop-up for entries in the Restore Session list, this would not impact existing functionality at all.

I thought of this suggestion because I'm testing Firefox Beta 4 and accidentally started FF 3.5.1; I don't want to lose all my to-be-restored tabs from FF 3.5.1 when I install and start FF Beta 4, and copy-paste into a text file would solve that problem nicely.

I can imagine other situations where it might be good to be able to copy the URLs of multiple to-be-restored tabs at once, for example if you have to move to a different computer but want to continue churning through the tab list figuring out which you can restore and which you don't want to (just copy and paste into email to self).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
Right clicking on one tab in the Restore Session tab does not bring up a context menu for copying the tab's URL to clipboard, and Ctrl-C does nothing.

Also, it's not possible to select more than one tab in Restore Session with Control or a range with Shift (for copying more than one tab's URL at a time).
Actual Results:  
Unable to copy URL(s) to clipboard.

Expected Results:  
Would like to be able to copy (via keyboard shortcut or right-click menu item) URL of a tab in Restore Session to clipboard.

Would also like to be able to select more than one tab in Restore Session with Control/Command or Shift.

Both of these would make Restore Session's tab list behave more like the bookmark manager Library, which allows selecting multiple bookmarks and copying their URLs to the clipboard.
The description is correct, and it would be a nice feature -- if you want to try restoring only some of the tabs you can save the other URLs to try to reopen later.
You can leave about:sessionrestore open between sessions. You can double click (and middle click I think) on single entries from the list to open just that tab. You can copy your sessionstore.js to another computer and load it up there.

All of these other possibilities make this a low priority. I'm not going to WONTFIX this, but it's not likely to get worked on any time soon. If somebody wants to make an attempt at it, feel free.

The restore page is not meant to be like the bookmarks manager. It's meant to allow you to resume your session following a crash.
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Duplicate of this bug: 666141
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