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alt-enter on switch-to-tab result should override switch-to-tab behavior


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(Whiteboard: [switch-to-tab])

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In the case of open new tab, type in location bar, enter on switch-to-tab result, the new tab is closed. In the case of open new tab, type in location bar, alt-enter on switch-to-tab result, the new tab is left open. The latter case should also get rid of the redundant tab.
Blocks: 555767
Blocks: 564573
No longer blocks: 571672
Bug 573580 is the bug I filed for bug 555767 comment 17.  I originally didn't think I needed to but then did anyway.
Apparently I didn't search for "return" ;)

That bug would cover it, although I'm not sure I agree on the general case -- if I hit alt-enter on a normal autocomplete item I'm ok with a new tab even if current is blank, as it' fairly explicit and I have a choice of using the current blank tab or a new one. However in the new case introduced by bug 564573, if I happen to have a habit of opening a new tab before operating the url bar (I do!), and I want another instance of a document I already have open (say, submitting a few mostly similarly filled forms), I now cannot get the autocomplete item to use the current tab at all, which is silly. That's to say, for alt-enter, the solution of bug 555767 is incomplete, and I think fixing it is uncontroversial, while bug 573580 comment 1 is a valid concern for ignoring alt on blank tabs in general.
Depends on: 573580
Based on the discussion in bug 596485 comment 10 (and its addition as a dependency on this bug), I've modified this bug's summary to reflect that alt-enter on a switch-to-tab option should override the switch-to-tab behavior.

Thus, this is the purpose of the chain of bugs:
bug 320989 – reuse last tab (current tab) if blank
bug 573580 – alt-enter on blank (new) tab should be the same as enter
bug 595046 – alt-enter on switch-to-tab result to should override the switch-to-tab behavior
bug 596485 – holding down alt should revert "switch to tab" message to URL in location bar autocomplete options
Summary: alt-enter on switch-to-tab result on new tab should not leave blank tab → alt-enter on switch-to-tab result should override switch-to-tab behavior
Whiteboard: [switch-to-tab]
No longer depends on: 573580
WFM on GNU/Linux x86_64 with 26.0b8 and the latest Nightly 2013-11-28-03-02-01-mozilla-central-firefox-28.0a1.en-US.linux-x86_64.
(that is if this bug is defined by comment #0)
This seems to work for me, too. Alt+Return on an existing tab creates a new tab and alt+return on a new tab tab uses that tab (which was bug 573580).

Resolving this as WFM. Feel free to reopen if you feel you still experience this behavior.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
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