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scaling svg text causes it to be unreadable


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using dojo's gfx library (dojox.gfx) i create an svg surface and add some text to it.  when the surface is resized, the text is unreadable - blurry.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. load the attached test file (note the text 'abc' is clear)
2. click the 'click to resize' button (note the text is very blurry)
3. click the 'click to resize' button again (note the text is clear)
Actual Results:  
after the first resize, the text is very blurry.

Expected Results:  
the text should be clear
You should probably use fill rather than stroke to draw text.
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Even allowing for that the trunk display is odd.
minimal testcase without the dojo goop would be nice...
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Attached file testcase, no dojo (obsolete) —
a test case without dojo.  it seems the cause of the problem is the combination of using stroke and rotate on the text element.  commenting out the lines for either one causes the expected result but the combination causes the error.
sorry... left a console.log in the last one which meant that firebug had to be enabled to see this working.  removed the console.log so you don't need firebug enabled
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Thanks, confirming.  That click handler should really be idempotent; the fact that it's not is totally bogus.
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We call CharacterIterator::SetupFor() which rescales stroke-width in nsSVGGlyphFrame::AddCharactersToPath() for each glyph.
As a result we rescale stroke-width multiple times.
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Attached patch Reftest (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Convert the attachment to reftest
Attachment #478712 - Flags: review?(longsonr)
Attached patch Patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Add Save()/Restore() for each iteration.
Attachment #478713 - Flags: review?(longsonr)
Hmm.  So with this patch we'll save/restore for every single glyph in SVG text?  Is that reasonably cheap?
Echoing bz, why can't we Save/Restore outside the loops?
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Yeah, we should save/restore outside the loop.
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Attachment #478713 - Flags: review?(longsonr)
Why doesn't this affect textPaths or text with multiple lengths or rotations. If it does then your Save/Restore needs to go round the DirectTextRun... calls too.

On top of that can you use gfxContextAutoSaveRestore, then you won't need the restore call. See nsSVGInnerSVGFrame.cpp for usage.
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When we go via the placed glyphs path - always for text-paths or as in the example when there is a rotation, we apply the line width scaling factor for each character rather than just once.

This bug has been around for a very long time, it's much more noticable now that we use the place glyphs code patch for ordinary text rather than just text-paths though.
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part of another patch crept into the previous version
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Attachment #486562 - Flags: review?(roc)
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