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Remove Bloglines from the feed reader options


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Firefox 4.0b7
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It's official: Bloglines, my favorite online feed reader, will shut down on October 1, 2010.

We should remove it from the feed reader options.

This affects many locales:
blocking2.0: --- → ?
Kev, Mike, I guess there's no need to argue about removing a service going out of business, but I'd like you to confirm/ack.
Keywords: productization
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Can't remember whether Ben ever said if it was Google that wanted to be last, or just that he wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety when this was first added, not long after he went to work there, but at this point, nobody is saying "Bloglines is shutting down; My Yahoo! won" - it would be silly to make it the first option.

Horrible as the thought of 51 separate l10n bugs is, we probably should go that way: I wouldn't be surprised if some of the locales that put Netvibes first because Google Reader wasn't localized for them in 2007 have since gotten a localized version that would now be a better choice.
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The EOL is imminent -- hope this gets fixed in Firefox 3.5.14, 3.6.11, 4 Beta 7.
blocking1.9.2: --- → ?
ack'ed and agree it should come out. 72 locales. whee.

I'm not too worried about order, but will consult with the PSO team at Google.
also, fwiw, I don't look at this as being critical time-wise (e.g. a goal of 3.5.12 and the RC for 4 should be fine, and sooner if we can). it's not a great user experience, for sure, but if anyone has any numbers on what %age of our base (e.g. not using ourselves as a model ;) ) uses the aggregators, that'd help address priority. it just feels like it wouldn't affect a significant portion of users, but I'm always railing against thinking instead of knowing, so open to thoughts, there.
Though we want this fix on the branches, I'm not sure it should block a release. What is the user impact if it doesn't land on the branches by the next release?
(My main concern is that they will get a 404. Not sure how far ask is going to shut down the service...)
blocking2.0: ? → beta8+
For l10n:

We'll try to focus on fixing this on 3.6.x as soon as we can by mass-landing the change across all locales. Kev, can you confirm that 3.5.x is a non-goal at this point (although it should be exactly the same procedure as for 3.6.x, so we can just as well do it)?

For 4.0, we're still evaluating options. We might elect to mass-land, too, or file individual bugs. Since 4.0 is the active branch, we want to know how a mass-change will affect the tools that the localizers use.
Since 3.5 is still not EoL'd, I think we should land it in both. I know it's a pain, but for consistency in UX and mitigation of user angst, it's probably a good idea. Let me know if you want/need any assistance.

Agree with Christian it's not a blocker (but that's just my opinion, fwiw :) ), but it's something we should try to address as soon as is reasonably possible.
Kev, did you figure out what the order of My Yahoo! and Google should be?
My preference is to list them alphabetically, but waiting on confirmation. Will ping again.
blocking1.9.2: ? → ---
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(the r+ is conditional on sorting out the ordering, perhaps obviously)
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This'll probably remind me that I've only got a half an r+.
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Good to go. Re-order ack'd by Google.
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Same patch, different context.
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Bloglines has extended their EOL date to November 1.
Thanks, Kohei. Don't think this has any impact on landing, but it's nice to get a little breathing room.
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en-US branches

a=LegNeato for and Please land only on the mozilla-1.9.2 default branch and mozilla-1.9.1 default branch, *not* the relbranches.
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Exclusive: Bloglines Will Be Resurrected By IAC-Funded MerchantCircle

The patch should be backed out!
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