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Link hover in location bar: The arrow needs better styling


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I'm getting used to the URLs of hovered links appearing in the location bar.
But in nightly Mozilla 64-bit builds on Kubuntu 10.04 (using I believe some compatibility Gnome theme) the arrow between the current URL and the new one looks bad.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Roll over a hyperlink
2. Watch the location bar
Actual Results:  
The arrow in the location bar:
* Has a weird gray bloom to its right that draws the eye
* Leaves space to its left
* Is bigger and appears darker than the hovered URL after it, so your eye is drawn to it rather than the new text.
* Has a pixel glitch in the top border.

Expected Results:  
a) Get rid of the gray bloom and pixel glitch
b) If the current URL is truncated, shift the arrow left to overlap the ellipsis.  That way it looks less like a standalone element
c) Lighten the arrow
d) Make the new URL text darker than the arrow (this is bug 597382).
e) Make the arrow more chrome-like, e.g. round the pixels, doorhangar style.
f) um....?

I'll attach a picture that addresses a,b,c.

I also agree with a bug/comment somewhere about lightening the current favicon/site info when the hovered URL appears.

The overall feel should be that the current locations retreats/is overlayed to show the new URL.  That's a bigger topic than these arrow glitches, good luck getting there!
Confirming based on basic premise of this bug.

I've said this elsewhere, but I really would like this arrow to stand out more. I think it should be "hyperlink blue" or "go button green" on all OSes.
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Summary: [polish] the arrow before a hyperlink URL in the location bar looks bad → Link hover in location bar: The arrow needs better styling
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"Go button green" would be more appropriate in this case, and since authors usually change the colour of hyperlinks.
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