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Possibility to set the old status bar behavior in the options or about:config


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Not set





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please make it possible in the options or in about:config to use the old status
bar behavior!
I think it is a security risk if you can't see the whole url of a hyperlink!

Many users don't want the new style with the location bar!


Reproducible: Always
It's a WONTFIX, status bar will be removed and replaced with the new Addons bar. 
See Bug 574688 .
It's not removed yet, and it also holds download manager notifications, which haven't been reimplemented anywhere else. It also seems possible that this problem won't be fixed before 4.0 release (because apparently there was feature freeze or something). So losing the status bar completely is a major loss of functionality. Might as well add an option to put target URLs back where they belong.
There was no feature freeze. Bug 574688 will be in Fx4.0, it's a beta7 blocker.

So this bug has no point, it's a WONTFIX.
status bar is much more usefull than the "addon bar" now.
maybe you can make addon bar a super bar that covers all functions of status bar?
If it disappears, there will be less differences between fx and others(chrome...), and fx may be even weaker than others.
where was the removal of the status bar first justified?
Yes, the status bar code has been completely removed ... so I'm not sure an about:config option would work as there is nothing left to turn on or off.

However, I suggest an alternative in Bug 610429.  Basically offer a status widget you can add to any toolbar.

If you still would like to have a status indicator included with Firefox (and not require an add-on), vote for Bug 610429.
Resolving per comments 1 and 3
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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