Are these BCC & Co localization notes to be taken seriously?

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It is TB, files /mail/chrome/messenger/ and

Please note that BCC, CC etc are as central to the application as "File" is to say Firefox.

There's only two possibilities:
a) They must be taken seriously, not because "it says so", but for some reason in the code. In this case the code must corrected PDQ to eliminate this kind of language dependence.


b) there's no reason for not localizing the entries. The comments should be corrected, so that there's no more room for misunderstanding. 
Note that this has nothing to do with sl localization and everything with the en_US prototype. Reassign accordingly - if feasible/possible.


I don't believe there's a reason not to localize the entries, other than the fact that the actual mail headers are CC:, BCC:, etc. But since we localize these in other aspects of message display, then we should allow them to be localized in forward inline messages.
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Duplicate of ye olde bug 125446. They were added without discussion (outside of discussion within Netscape's offices) by bug 39775, perhaps without realizing that they would affect both printing and forward inline, and then bug 125446 stalled because of the [citation needed] assertion in bug 125446 comment 4 that "For forward inline, if we translate it, we will have problem."
Thx Phil. I'm skeptical that we will have problems w/ forward inline, other than the fact that the localization can escape the locale, so if someone using a localization in a language I don't know (i.e, almost all of them) forwards a message to me, the headers won't make sense.
Oh, yeah. I knew I'd gone on at even greater length about that stuff somewhere. Bug 471487.
I'm putting this on the blocking radar for the next release off branch and trunk. This is mainly as I think we need to do an investigation into this to a) get a reasonable statement for Vito and other localisers about what is should be done on branch, and b) follow-up with any appropriate (l10n affecting) fixes on the trunk.
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David, I'm not getting to this, can you try and get some sense into those l10n notes please?
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OK, after reading the relevant bugs, I think the thing to do is change the comments to say that you *can* translate the strings, but the translated strings will be used when you forward a message to users in a different locale.
I decided just to remove the comments - we don't have similar comments for the other headers like subject or from (i.e., those localizations "escape" to other locales already), and from what I can tell, everyone is localizing those strings anyway. Also, doesn't tend to get used (it's a fallback for missing strings, from what I can tell).
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Decided not to take this on 3.1, as 3.1 isn't going to be actively used by localisers now.
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