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Port a number of recent places changes


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I have a list of recent places changes in Firefox I need to go through and see to port them to SeaMonkey.
Depends on: 424542
Depends on: 458026
Note that bug 574688 is only on the list for the sidebar changes, which are independent of the actual statusbar-realted changes.
Depends on: 574688
Depends on: 477882
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Due to bug 611001 not having been done, I needed to add the .markPageAsFollowedLink() somewhere else but I seem to have found the right spot, so that the test succeeds. I hope the other changes are easy to verify and not too controversial...
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Oh, I forgot to mention that I took the chance to take care of the merging of the sidebarUtils as they have been practically identical for bookmarks and history anyhow.

As a side note, onBeforeLinkTraversal has been introduced for bug 575561, which is an app tab matter, but I saw errors in the console due to this method missing (when executing the markPageAsFollowedLink test), so I implemented it in a dummy version.
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port those bugs

>+  // Called before links are navigated to to allow us to retarget them if needed.
>+  onBeforeLinkTraversal: function(originalTarget, linkURI, linkNode, isAppTab) {
>+    // We doesn't support app tabs yet but are seeing failures without this.
The method was added to nsIXULBrowserWindow.idl so a) the implementation belongs after setOverLink b) we don't need this comment but I guess you could add an nsIXULBrowserWindow heading instead to make it clearer.

>+               .filter(function (tag) tag.length > 0); // Kill empty tags.
[filter(function(tag) tag) would probably work.]
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