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Switch cb-sea-miniosx03-05 to 10.6 and rename them


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We need to switch SeaMonkey trunk to i386/x86_64 universal builds (bug 599862) and for that, we need buildslaves running on Snow Leopard. As the story of our additional hardware (bug 572395) is completely unclear, we need to make due with our current machines somehow.

Because of that, I'd like to request cb-sea-miniosx03, cb-sea-miniosx04 and cb-sea-miniosx05 to be switched to Mac OS X 10.6 and renamed to cb-sea-miniosx64-01, cb-sea-miniosx64-02, and cb-sea-miniosx64-03.

Please tell me when you are ready to do this, I'll shut down the boxes then.
Would a clean install of Snow Leopard do for you?  It should work as long as the Mac Mini have Intel CPU.  I am pretty sure you just updated these recently.
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It would be ideal if we'd have the same base as Firefox build machines on Snow Leopard, but I guess we could make due with a clean install and working our way up from there.

Those machines are all from a relatively new batch of Intel minis (not sure if the most-current one or the one before, but I think they match the current batch of Talos machines) - from that POV, they should run Snow Leopard just fine.
I can image them with the releng ref image and have some clean out the keys before handing off back to you.  Can you be without them for a day or 2?
That sounds good to me. I have expected the boxes to not be in full business for a few days anyhow when this happens, as I also need to get them to work in the new configuration afterwards, so one or two days is surely OK with me. We will need to manage with just two slaves for everything during that time, but we'll muddle through somehow. :)
I have a trip to the data center tomorrow.  I will see if I can grab it tomorrow.
can you email what you want the username/password and VNC set to?
Any news on this?
These should be up and running again now.  I didn't get a chance to change DNS yet, but they should still have the same IP and reachable by the old names.
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> These should be up and running again now.  I didn't get a chance to change DNS
> yet, but they should still have the same IP and reachable by the old names.

Ah, OK, let's leave the bug open for the DNS changes then, but I can look into setting everything up on the machines.
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OK, I made the boxes work and do 32/64bit builds - now the only thing left is the matching DNS entries. :)
updated dns.
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> updated dns.

Hmm, I still find them under their old names and can't access them by any new names, has this really been done?
Indeed.  Updated DNS.
ssh -l seabld cb-sea-miniosx64-01 (or 02/03) works now, thanks!

Local hostnames changes as well, so everything is fine now. :)
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