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8 years ago
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8 years ago
Hey Steven. Per the conversation in bug 582721, we need to make sure the secondary download buttons on the new nova site (like, or - but not limited to those pages) all have the correct legal language underneath.

Basically, the text below each button should read "All Systems & Languages | Privacy Policy" just like it does on the homepage version.

I'm hoping you can do this globally, but if you need me to itemize all the pages that have the secondary buttons I can do that.


Comment 1

8 years ago
Pascal, what's the status of being able to do this change (see Bug 582721) for the new design launch? The blocker, as far as I know, is l10n.
Who is going to patch product-details for that? Localizers have that string on their todo list, some have already translated it.

Comment 3

8 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> Who is going to patch product-details for that? Localizers have that string on
> their todo list, some have already translated it.

The patch on Bug 582721 does the trick. I'm just not sure when we can actually apply this, as the product-details lib doesn't have any separate tags/branches for stage/dev/etc. Pascal, Alex, suggestions?
The patched method could test for the existence of the localized string and display either the release notes link or the privacy-policy depending on the result, that way it would work for both trunk and branch and would not interfere with current sites. There may be other ways, like extending the class temporarily for example.

Comment 5

8 years ago
After chatting with Pascal about this, I would propose we do the following:

If the "Privacy Policy" string is translated, show the link:

 All Systems & Languages | Privacy Policy

If the string is string is NOT translated, don't show it:

 All Systems & Languages

Then, if the Privacy Policy link is showing, it will link to the URL for the localized version of the Privacy Policy page. However, if the page hasn't actually been translated, it will fall back to the US version.

It is acceptable for the Privacy Policy link to show up in locales where the actual policy hasn't been translated, or should we somehow be checking for that and hiding the link?

Is legal having the Privacy Policy translated? What's the status?

Comment 6

8 years ago
That seems like a good plan to me. Liz, can you weigh in on some of the open questions in comment #5?

Comment 7

8 years ago
Legal is having the privacy policy translated into the top 10 languages. We're just waiting until the Firefox 4 privacy policy rewrite has been completed before having it done. The process will also involve a review of the privacy policy to make sure it complies with local laws in the relevant countries. If no rewriting is required, then we should have the translated docs in about a month. If problems are found that we need to fix, it will take a little longer.

There definitely needs to be a link to the privacy policy. If there's a translated version of the policy available, then the link should go to that translated version. If the privacy policy hasn't been translated into that language, then the link should go to the English language version.

Does that mesh with the plan suggested in Comment 5? What's the best way to get the URL of the translated privacy policy to the localizers? Would it be easier to have all the translations on one page and the link could go to an anchor on the page for the right language section? Any other thoughts, suggestions, or questions?

Comment 8

8 years ago
I noticed that the new Under the Hood page still has the old text below the download button. Is that because of the localization question? Pascal and I talked about that and agreed on a plan for localized pages.

Comment 9

8 years ago
It's not just the Under the Hood page, unfortunately - it seems to be all the pages where the secondary download button is up in the upper right corner.

Steven, is there anything blocking us from finalizing this?
Whiteboard: [post redesign]
fyi, not related to the localization process, we have the privacy link on all download boxes for locales

Comment 11

8 years ago
Now that I've got it confirmed from Pascal that locales are ok with this change, I've got a patch added to 582721. I don't have commit privileges to the product-details lib myself, so I'll need someone to commit this.

Since this is the same issue, I'm marking this as a dupe of Bug 582721
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