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vertical glyph offsets are inverted


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An operator precedence error from bug 605043 means that the y-axis glyph
offsets are not correctly inverted, so GPOS offsets get applied in the wrong
direction when the HarfBuzz shaper is enabled on Linux.
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I don't understand why the bug is not showing up in the same way on other
platforms.  With GDI and DWrite, fixing the error changes the positions in 
layout/reftests/text/475092-pos.html by only one pixel, which makes it pass.
(The reftest still doesn't pass on Linux or Mac - see bug 482596 - but is much
closer on Linux at least.)
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> I don't understand why the bug is not showing up in the same way on other
> platforms.

It does... I just noticed it a couple of days ago on OS X, when testing a complex Arabic-script font that used to work; was intending to file and investigate, but you got there first - thanks!
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Duplicate of this bug: 615145
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We should add a testcase to catch this, especially as y-axis sign errors are so easy to make, and not always obvious at first because vertical deltas are rarely used. I think we can do something using @font-face with a font that's known to support vertically-stacked marks...
Here are a couple of reftests using the Scheherazade font that we have in the reftest fonts directory; they will fail if we make a sign error handling the glyph y-offsets.
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reftests for direction of vertical glyph offsets

Nice, thank you!
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Pushed this to trunk: (patch) (tests)
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