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Use armeabi-v7a for thumb2 builds on Android


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This patch makes our APK package specify armeabi-v7a in Thumb-2 builds.  This will let us prevent the Android Market from offer Fennec to incompatible (ARMv6) devices.

We didn't do this before because we were concerned that it wouldn't work on Android 2.1 and earlier.  However, I tested and found that armeabi-v7a packages do work on the compatible Android 2.1 devices that I'm aware of (Xperia X10 and Galaxy S).

This mailing list thread indicates that there *were* problems with armeabi-v7a in Eclair on the Desire and Milestone.  However, the thread confirms that the problem was fixed in an OTA update on the Desire, and we tested and found that it is fixed in the latest OS on the Milestone:
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This should block Fennec beta 3, if we plan to upload b3 to the Market.
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Normally I'd ask a build peer, but I think I actually own all of the code here, so r=mwu should be enough.

We'll want to follow up with a patch to rip out the cpu detection code in the java wrapper.
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One downside of this patch:  Users who download an ARMv7 build to an ARMv6 device (not from the market, but directly from or elsewhere) get a very un-helpful error screen from the Android package installer: "Not installed"
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Notes for testing: See comment 3, the error message has changed when you try to install an ARMv7 build on an ARMv6 device.
One more note for testing: If you are using a tegra board you must update the os image to the latest dated 20101105.
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