Need pref to disable tab tear off




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This problem occured for me many times specially in my netbook.
Some times I want to select an opened tab between my open tabs, ( with default touch mouse plane of netbook ) firefox move that tab to a new window !
Please add a feature to disable moving tabs to new window by drag / dropping them.

Reproducible: Always

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The bug is clear

The bug is clear
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: General → Preferences
OS: Windows 7 → All
QA Contact: general → preferences
Hardware: x86 → All
Summary: Block moving tabs to new window → Need pref to disable tab tear off
Component: Preferences → Tabbed Browser
QA Contact: preferences → tabbed.browser
Duplicate of this bug: 868800
In bug I did not say it CAN be disabled, I said it MUST be disabled.

In other words: if there will be a user-defined option, its default should be "NO tab tear off".
I wander, why do Firefox developers insist to include features that nobody wants, nobody uses, and only interrupt the web surfing experience?
(In reply to t8av from comment #4)
> include features that nobody
> wants, nobody uses

How do you know (asking seriously)?
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Well, so far, I haven't met anyone who uses it.

I did meet many users who get annoyed by this feature.

The above add-on to disable tab tear off is very popular, and since I installed it, I am happy with it.

I am not a cynical person, but if I were cynical I would probably suggest to add many surprises to Firefox - clicking some areas of the browser will trigger interesting events such as tab tear offs, funny animations, etc'. Nobody will complain, but after a while everyone will move to Google Chrome.
I use tab tear off from time to time and it's more discoverable than a context menu this way. That being said, a built-in option to disable should be in there. Now that I think about it, it might even be helpful for disability access in the event that a user has trouble with fine pointer movements. (e.g. wants to reorder tabs but avoid tear off)

Note that the addon to disable this has only 8k users, which is virtually zero when it comes to addon user counts. A built-in option would certainly be more discoverable and get more use.
Keywords: uiwanted
Priority: -- → P5
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