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sync of changed persona causes home page to be set to resource:/


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Not set





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(Keywords: regression)

Exposed after fix of bug 616179

0) note what your homepage on client 2 is set to.
1) change persona on client 1, sync
2) sync client 2

Tested results:
persona is synced, but home page get's changed to resource:/

Expected results: no change in the home page pref, it should remain the same as in step 0.
I can't reproduce this. Is this with Firefox 3.6 or nightlies?
I'm seeing it on minefield nightly 20101203
I wasn't clear, the homepage change happens on client 2.
I can't reproduce this at all. :(

Can you reproduce this with fresh profiles? I remember seeing this resource:/ oddball pop up a few times, but that was a while ago and it was a bug somewhere in the browser IIRC.
Tracy, can you still reproduce this? If not, let's close this as WFM.
I had been thinking this might be something to do with the change in how the default homepage is kept. It used to be a full URL, now it's just about:home. There seems to be an incompatibility there.  For example, if you sync about:home from beta8 to 3.6.x. That later doesn't understand what about:home is.

This bug is reproducible. Let me investigate and provide better STR's (with Fx and Sync versions involved).
> This bug is reproducible. Let me investigate and provide better STR's (with Fx
> and Sync versions involved).

Any update on this, Tracy?
Severity: critical → normal
I haven't been able to find reproducible steps. However, I did randomly run into this a few weeks ago.   Please leave this one open.
Bug 654099 and 647063 look like similar issues.
Duplicate of this bug: 1062687
Duplicate of this bug: 827326
This bug still can be reproduced on Firefox 42.0b8:

Test with:
Firefox 42.0b8(en-US) (BuildID:20151019161651)
Firefox 42.0b8(zh-CN) (BuildID:20151019161651)

Steps to reproduce:
1. On Firefox 42.0b8(en-US), create a Firefox account A, sign in, finish the first time syncing (make sure 'Preferences' in Sync options is checked);
2. On Firefox 42.0b8(zh-CN), sign in Firefox sync with the account A, check the home page after sync completed.

Excepted results:
The home page should be about:home. 

Actual results:
The home page is set to chrome://branding/locale/
Component: Firefox Sync: Backend → Sync
Product: Cloud Services → Firefox

We stopped calling the theme based "Personas" that name several years back, when they were also integrated into normal themes in Firefox.

Therefore bulk-closing Persona related bugs as they are no longer valid. If you are still having a potentially related issue in the latest version of Firefox, please take a look on our support site ( or file a new issue.

Closed: 3 years ago
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