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PlacesSQLQueryBuilder::SelectAsDay() is not l12y friendly


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3523 PlacesSQLQueryBuilder::SelectAsDay()

3563     // These are used to query if the container should be visible.
3565     switch(i) {
3626        default:
3658         history->GetMonthName(tm.tm_month+1, dateName);

this is not localization friendly, it's perfectly reasonable for some locale to want "2000 January" instead of "January 2000" (it might even want commas or hyphens or something more exotic):
3660         // If the container is for a past year, add the year as suffix.
3661         if (tm.tm_year < currentYear)
3662           dateName.Append(nsPrintfCString(" %d", tm.tm_year));
I'm pretty sure this was discussed, but probably never fixed because it's a edge case and we were evaluating a history views redesign.
So, this code should result in nothing changing.

Locales which don't provide this string should trigger the fallback behavior which is the current l12y unfriendly pasting. Anyone who happens to include the string would get whatever format the string provides.
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proposal which falls back to the current behavior

No idea why we'd need to fallback for missing strings here, we've got l10n-merge for that.

Hardcoding the length to 32 sounds arbitrary, too, I'd rather check the length of the format string and add some padding for year and month length. Where do we get the month name from, though? If that stays English, an English date order might be less confusing than the other way around.
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Attached patch better buffer sizing (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Axel, so what I'm not sure about, can we take this in FX4?
I don't think we should take this for fx4, it doesn't seem to be a regression and we're string frozen.

PS: I still don't like the fallback code for a missing string.
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better buffer sizing

not going to take this string change for 2.0
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better buffer sizing

At this point, please make a proper non-fallback patch for .next version

>diff --git a/toolkit/components/places/src/nsNavHistory.cpp b/toolkit/components/places/src/nsNavHistory.cpp

>+  nsCString monthYearFormat;

why not a autostring?

>@@ -3431,8 +3433,17 @@ PlacesSQLQueryBuilder::SelectAsDay()
>         history->GetMonthName(tm.tm_month+1, dateName);
>         // If the container is for a past year, add the year as suffix.

no more a suffix, not always at least, fix comment to just say ", add the year to the title."

>+        if (tm.tm_year < currentYear) {
>+          if (monthYearFormat.IsEmpty()) {
>+            history->GetStringFromName(NS_LITERAL_STRING("finduri-MonthYear").get(), monthYearFormat);

Why not just doing this when you declare monthYearFormat?

>+            if (monthYearFormat.EqualsLiteral("finduri-MonthYear")) {
>+              monthYearFormat.AssignLiteral("%s %d");

drop the fallback

>+            }
>+          }
>+          dateName =
>+              nsPrintfCString(monthYearFormat.Length() + dateName.Length() + 10,

why 10?
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status2.0: --- → wontfix
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Duplicate of this bug: 486825
i'm not going to be working on this. sorry.
Assignee: timeless → mak77
Attached patch patch v1.1Splinter Review
This one should be more like we do l10n variables.
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patch v1.1

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patch v1.1

that's better :)
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this is practically tested by existing sidebar tests.
Closed: 11 years ago
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