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Evaluate different search sort modes


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So, search actually has 3 things that go into building a result set, in order, these are*:

1) MATCH - collect the documents that match the query in set S
2) RANK - assign a weight to each document in S
3) SORT - order the results in S

(* This probably has nothing to do with how it's really implemented, but conceptually this is right.)

So far we've only been changing the MATCH (bug 607306) and RANK (bug 616569) modes, and we've seen minimal effect on the result quality.

There are a couple of interesting options, but I don't think any of them are likely to help with KB results.


This seems like it would be appropriate for Questions, and possibly discussion forums. It groups results into chunks (last hour, last day, last week, last month, 3 months, older) and then sorts by weight. This gives preference to newer results.

If we use the date the question was asked, instead of its last answer, it would keep old results down and hopefully discourage questions from gathering dozens of answers over time.


This lets us define a mathematical expression. I'd hoped to use something like exp(-len(title)) or something, to give shorter titles preference in the KB, but it doesn't have a "len" function, and only seems to work on numeric types. (We could select the length of the title as an attribute if necessary.)

I'm not sure that's a great metric to use, though. I'll play with it some tomorrow.
SPH_SORT_TIME_SEGMENTS is really hard to test without very up-to-the-minute data. Without data in the "last hour" and "last day" segments, it loses most of its appeal.

I definitely think it's worth playing more with after the database gets smaller and it's easier to get up-to-date data, though.

I think further testing of the SORT mode should wait. Changing too much at a time is going to make it difficult to decide whether each change is an improvement.
Target Milestone: 2.4.2 → Future
Moving off Sphinx to ES. Will continue to iterate there.
Closed: 10 years ago
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