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Having tabs in titlebar changes default position of panorama button


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Windows 7
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Panorama button should be at the same position for panorama view and normal view.

Reproducible: Always
Depends on: 572160
Blocks: 572160
No longer depends on: 572160
Blocks: 606744
Component: General → Toolbars
This bug might be better summarized as "move panorama button in panorama view to titlebar"
Component: Toolbars → TabCandy
QA Contact: general → tabcandy
This is also a problem on Linux :
Panorama button doesn't move when menu bar is hidden but it does when menu bar is shown (which is default on Linux!)
Panorama button also changes position when not using tabs on top. But that should be handled in a new bug unless the button is moved out of the tab bar.
Confirming. Panorama button placement is consistent between modes with Tabs NOT in the titlebar, but inconsistent when Tabs in Titlebar is enabled.
Ever confirmed: true
As a follow-up, I'm not sure if this shouldn't be a completely separate bug generalized for the placement of the Panorama buttons. As it stands there are three completely separate different placements for the button in the browser view:

1) Tabs in Titlebar - directly to the left of the window controls
2) Non-maximized (ie - old "Tabs on Top" appearance) - to the far right of the tab bar
3) No "Tabs on Top" - again all the way at the end of the tab bar

Only in the 2nd case are the Panorama buttons relatively in the same place when switching in and out of Panorama mode. However, I would think that the location (or even existence at all) of the button in Panorama mode is not that big a deal since usually the user would be clicking on an existing tab within a tab group to go back to browser view? Correct?

Anyhow, just something to think about.
No longer blocks: 572160
FWIW, there is a bug about removing the panorama button from the default ui as it would then no longer be primary UI if that bug was fixed.
The panorama button is no longer added by default, at least for Fx4; punting until after.
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Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Firefox → Firefox Graveyard
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