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UMR [@ nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle] with InstallTrigger


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document.createElementNS("", "marker")

triggers a UMR in nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle.

I suspect this is XPConnect's fault for letting something that isn't (and doesn't even claim to be!?) an nsIDOMSVGAngle into nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle (cf bug 503926).

For comparison,
  .setOrientToAngle({})             -->  NS_ERROR_DOM_SVG_WRONG_TYPE_ERR
  .setOrientToAngle(document)       -->  NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS
  .setOrientToAngle(InstallTrigger) -->  goes through, causes trouble
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Summary: UMR [@ nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle] → UMR [@ nsSVGMarkerElement::SetOrientToAngle] with InstallTrigger
Attached file testcase 2
InstallTrigger isn't special because it's a chrome object.  It's special because it has a list of exposed properties, causing other gets to throw (which becomes a non-NS_OK rv).

Here's a saner testcase.
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The trick is that InstallTrigger throws when you try to access value on it. |{ get value() { throw 42 } }| would also cause the UMR.

The fix is to check the return value of GetValue() and not access the out parameter if we throw. Also note bug 543613 which would allow us to assume more about the implementation of the nsIDOMSVGAngle that's being passed in to us.
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Opening this bug up as this is not a security bug, we're simply just using an uninitialized float as the value for the angle here, which can cause wrong rendering, but nothing worse than that.
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Proposed fix

And we might as well take this fix, there's really not much of a risk involved here, and we have a patch as a result of investigating the severity here...
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I think the uninitialized value can make be seen by script, so it's potential information disclosure, slightly worse than just wrong rendering.
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