Line breaking should not occur before punctuation, even when preceded by space




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Firefox currently allows line breaking before a punctuation mark when it is preceded by a breakable space, such as a thin space U+2009 (as used in French). This is incorrect. The line breaking algorithm should be improved, for instance as described by:

(Unicode Standard Annex #14 - Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm). In particular, see LB13: "Do not break before ‘]’ or ‘!’ or ‘;’ or ‘/’, even after spaces." Note that the list of cited characters is not exhaustive.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a page with a word followed by a thin space then by a punctuation mark such as "!" or "?" (see testcase).
2. Adjust the window width to see the various line breaking positions.
Actual Results:  
For some width, Firefox breaks the line before the punctuation mark.

Expected Results:  
Firefox should break the line before the word preceding it.

WebKit-based browsers have no such problem (tested only with a thin space).

The normal space should be handled as well, because some authors use it instead of a thin space (even with such a slightly incorrect typography, authors often don't use the typical no-break space, probably because a normal space is easier to type on a keyboard).
See also Bug 56652 and Bug 206152 with its Dependencies.
Keywords: testcase
Last I checked we purposefully allowed breaking before '/' because it's common for sites to depend on that.
How about the importance of this bug for Western language users? Is that a major format?
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Hmm, looks like the spaces are marked as breakable in nsLineBreaker::AppendText(). However, we need to access to nsILineBreaker's implementation when we check whether the next character is open punctuation or not...
s/open punctuation/close punctuation

Now, GetJISx4051Breaks() always returns FALSE for first character. It might be usable. If the first character is not breakable even with a breakable character, we can set TRUE. Then, nsLineBreaker can know the first character's class of "word" and it can overwrite the previous space's state. But this is just my guess.


8 years ago
Blocks: 206152
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