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add support for IMAP Move RFC


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Thunderbird 3.3a3


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We'd like to add support for the proposed IMAP Move extension.

This leverages the work already done to support the AOL Move extension. Most of the work was enhancing the testing harness to be able to test the MOVE support, and writing a test for it.

This patch also starts work on adding support for HighestModSeq, since I already had to change the capability code for Move.
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proposed fix

Ok, this looks good, I don't think I've got a server that supports this, but the test looks right, so lets get it out for some testing.

I've got a few style nits (mainly . at the start of a line, and 2 space indents rather than 3), so I'll just address those and land it for you.
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Thanks for landing this.
Duplicate of this bug: 534936
Thanks. This will probably also fix Bug 573729 if the server supports MOVE.
Hi David, is this in 3.1.9?

I just added support for MOVE to our IMAP server, and having to test it with telnet, since I can't get 3.1.9 to send a MOVE command.


No but its in the latest 3.3 alpha
OK, thanks for that - it seems to be working fine in terms of doing the move.  It's a good and worth-while extension, pity it's only an expired Internet Draft.

One optimisation that could be added at a later stage if anyone has too much time on their hand.

With a move, if the server gives you a COPYUID response (which it should), you should be able to match the source with the destination of the move, and populate the local index with the information from the source mailbox.  Save doing a fetch on the target mailbox to re-learn information you previously had.
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