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Create mobile design for personas detail page


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Q2 2011


(Reporter: clouserw, Assigned: grlicky)




We need a mobile design for this page in the spirit/layout of the other AMO designs:
Duplicate of this bug: 633548
ETA: Early April
Target Milestone: Q1 2011 → Q2 2011
Target Milestone: Q2 2011 → 6.0.7
Here is a first stab at some hi-fi mockups for the details page:

Again, I welcome your feedback ^_^
Target Milestone: 6.0.7 → Q2 2011
Cool, comments:

The header stands out again.  Maybe to get your link back to Mobile add-ons we could use breadcrumbs.  All the rest of MAMO's pages have "Mobile Add-ons Home" at the top, we coule make that "Mobile Add-ons >> All Personas"

You've got links to the artist and "some rights reserved" on this page.  Does the artist have a listing page?  Is Some Rights Reserved a popup, or a separate page?  Does it have a mobile page?

"Personas by this artist" should be above the "See all $category Personas" blob in my opinion.  (And that's consistent with the current site).
Overall, nothing jumps out at me. In the "Trying it on" details page, in the final state (installed it), the "Trying it on" button is kinda taking up space. Maybe collapse it? It's not a huge deal.

The breadcrumbs take up a little space, but it might not be a problem. I don't know if we have the enough width for Wil's idea ("Mobile Add-ons >> All Personas") or not. Also not a huge deal imo.
Wil - as you mentioned on IRC, the header (and the one on the home page) matches the one on MAMO, so that should be fine.

Yep, the artist should have their own listing page, also linked from "see all personas by this artist." If I'm not overlooking anything, it should be the exact same as the category page, except with "Personas by ______" as the page title, instead of the category name.

Good call on making the artist/category blob order consistent with the AMO. Now corrected in the mockups.

The license page linked from here should be the page for the specific license, like They don't have a mobile-friendly license page, but I don't think it's not worth linking to the license because of that.

Luckily, after the user's installed the persona, they're pretty much done with this page, so the "Trying it on" button taking up space is definitely not a big deal.

Barring any further concerns, I'd say this page is ready to get implemented!
Thanks.  Implementation is bug 654310
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