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Update to libical 0.46


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We should update to the latest libical, there are a few bugs (especially w.r.t the ATTACH property) that are fixed there.
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Attached patch local changes as before patch (obsolete) β€” β€” Splinter Review
This patch re-applies all the local changes we had before. There is one exception, in design-data/parameters.csv:

-"RECEIVED-SEQUENCE","const char*",
-"RECEIVED-DTSTAMP","const char*",
-"SCHEDULE-AGENT","const char*",
-"SCHEDULE-STATUS","const char*",
-"SCHEDULE-FORCE-SEND","const char*",

These cases should be taken care of by libical's addtion here:

+"#In practice any unknown paramater that is not an xparam is treated as an ianaparam"
+"IANA","33","const char*",

I'd appreciate a test here.
Assignee: nobody → philipp
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For reference, the last upgrade happened in bug 394902.
Makes me think if we should follow other examples in mozilla-central regarding handling of external libraries. For easier track of changes and probably easier update with future library releases the patches applied to the vanilla library version are stored together with the source code and documented in a readme, e.g.
While this will introduce a lot of junk files that we don't need (which in turn causes comm-central checkout times to increase for everyone), it might be worth considering. I think we should postpone this to "next time" though.

I remember dbo saying that applying patches on libraries has caused maintenance issues with openoffice, I'll ask him about this again when I find time.
I tried to compile after applying the patches but I got errors.
First error comes with missing 'icaltimezoneimpl.h' file.
After adding the file icaltimezoneimpl.h (from libical 0.46), errors are obtained when linking.
'unresolved external symbol _snprintf'
After removing 'libicals_w32_vsnprintf_replacement.c' file and making some changes, compilation works.
I do not know if this is correct, but the compilation succeeded.
I started testing Lightning with this compilation and initial tests go well.
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Hm too bad the snprintf stuff doesnt work out of the box. We used to have a similar local change to fix snprintf in the past, I had hoped this was fixed in the newest libical. I'll integrate your changes into the patch.
Will this fix bug #322458?
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local changes as before patch

Philippe, maybe you can take a look at this to make sure I'm doing the right thing?
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Attachment #515391 - Flags: review?(nomisvai) → review?(philippe.martinak)
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local changes as before patch

Attachment 515392 [details] [diff] from 29/03 and 26/02 are the same.
Applying patches 515391 and 515392 does not allow me to compile without error.
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This patch combines attachment 515392 [details] [diff] [review] and attachment 516575 [details] [diff] [review]. I'm marking it r+, I think we can count replying with a patch as a review.
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Attachment #516575 - Attachment is obsolete: true
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update to reference libical, no local changes

r+ similar to previous comment.
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