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When typing text in the compose window using mouse clicks or arrow buttons to place the cursor at the left of the signature line, and then back to the text being entered changes the font size when it should not

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Click the Write icon to start a new message
2. In the compose window begin typing using the default font as customised
3. click the mouse at the left of the double dash in the signature
4. click back to the end of the last previously typed character
5. Font now switches to a small one

6. Now use the "A" icon to re-enlarge the font to the initial one
7. Type a few "normal" sized characters, then right arrow to the signature line
8. Left arrow back to the end of the previous text and continue typing
9. Font has again reverted to the small font.
Actual Results:  
Font changes size at the points described above.

Expected Results:  
Font size should remain the same even when the cursor has been moved to the start of the signature line and back to the text being entered.

This is for composing an HTML mail - I will add a screen shot to this report after completing this report. The default compose size was made larger than normal, and the body text is set to Variable Width.

This is running in Fedora 14 fully up to date but the problem has remained though many versions of both Linux and Thunderbird.

Comment 1

7 years ago
Created attachment 521908 [details]
Compose window illustrating the unintended font changes in the compose window

Comment 2

7 years ago
I see this with todays nightly build of 3.3pre a4. I get this with even fewer clicks.
I have my default font set to Verdana Extra Large (say)

1) Click 'write' to compose new email

  2) click in body area - type anything

       e.g. abc

  3) Cursor should be at the end of last letter - 'c' in this case.
     Click mouse once - now start typing - font changes to default variable width smaller size instead of large verdana.

By the way the GUI really needs a way with font size control in points ...
Whiteboard: dupme
Duplicate of this bug: 656602

Comment 4

6 years ago
I've seend this bug since long ago with various Thunderbird versions. I'm using 10.0.1 and the bug is still present.

For me the fonts even change in the same sentence after inserting a space or after pasting some text (from external source or from the same message).

Clicking the signature also changes the fonts, as mentioned earlier.

For some reason this misbehavior does not happen always, but is more frequent when replying a message.

This happens under Linux or Windows.
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