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crashes [@ mozilla::css::ImportRule::SetSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet*)]


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I noticed a bunch of crashes at mozilla::css::ImportRule::SetSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet*)
in crash-stats.

The crash address is consistent with trying to modify nsCSSStyleSheet::mOwnerRule of a null nsCSSStyleSheet.  (Based on my math, that is 0x28 in 32-bit and 0x48 in 64-bit -- since nsString is a pointer and two 32-bit ints, and everything else in nsCSSStyleSheet is pointers, or a reference count plus an alignment hole.)

Such a crash would have been introduced by:
which changed:

>-  nsresult rv;
>+  NS_PRECONDITION(aSheet, "null arg");

I still want to look into why aSheet might be null.

Crash reports at:*%29
Maybe this happens when we clone an @import rule whose child sheet hasn't loaded yet, or for some reason can't load?  (If it can't load, do we get a sheet object at all?)

(Did the old code behave correctly in such a case, if the child sheet was still loading?)
I think this gets us back to the old behavior.  The other SetSheet caller, in the loader, doesn't pass null, and this caller already has a null-check, so I think it's better to leave the precondition and check at the caller.
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Not just

  nsRefPtr<nsCSSStyleSheet> sheet = aCopy.mChildSheet->Clone(nsnull, this, nsnull, nsnull);

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> Maybe this happens when we clone an @import rule whose child sheet hasn't
> loaded yet

That wouldn't matter; we create the sheet object no matter what .... _if_ the load security checks are passed.

If they are not, then the import rule will have a null child sheet, though, looks like.
Oh, and we create the sheet object when we _start_ the load.  So once Loader::LoadChildSheet runs, either the rule has a sheet or it will never get one.
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patch to restore old behavior

r=me with the XXX comment removed or replaced by an explanation.
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Crash Signature: [@ mozilla::css::ImportRule::SetSheet(nsCSSStyleSheet*)]
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