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8 years ago
Ability to detect Content-Type: message/delivery-status and use that information to represent it in localized user-friendly manner. I think same should apply to Return Recipient.
Microsoft Exchange do this from at least 2003 version I remember.

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Can you expand a bit more on what need to be done to get this done properly in Thunderbird ? (like a list of things that need to happen)
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8 years ago
Well, just send mail to some non existing address, you will receive generic email, well at least TB show as such. Usually this mail contain 3 parts.
1. Human readable message with details why it delivery failed.
2. Machine readable report about delivery
3. This is optional and usually contains original message or message headers sent.
Most human readable part are English (depends on SMTP server configuration), so it just make no sense for average John Doe who doesn't understand English.
My idea is TB able to read machine readable part, and show localized error message instead generic message and hide all internal stuff.

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8 years ago
Like Firefox showing me friendly messages when it can't open site because of timeout, or refusing connection host.
My initial reaction to this is that it should be the servers who give the appropriately localised messages - to evaluate every possibility and store within Thunderbird isn't necessarily appropriate, and I suspect could be complicated.

Another simpler option would be to offer translation services within Thunderbird.

However, this isn't really the best place to discuss it - I'd suggest discussing the ideal elsewhere to get wider feedback of the potential issues.
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