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Don't use -mno-cygwin on mingw compilation


(Firefox Build System :: General, defect)

Windows 7
Not set


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This option has been deprecated for a while and now is completely removed in GCC 4.6 (causing compilation errors on an attempt to use it). What we really want is -mwindows.
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Attached patch fix v1.0 (NSS part) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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fix v1.0 (NSS part)

I'm not an NSS peer, I can't review this.
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Thanks for reviews!

I've pushed m-c part:

I'm setting checkin-needed for nspr part, because AFAIU it requires special privileges.
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Whiteboard: [checkin: comment 5]
Whiteboard: [checkin: comment 5] → [checkin to NSPR needed]
ted, can you land this in NSPR's CVS repo?  Or do we have someone else with that access?
This patch is waiting to be pushed since a month. Would be nice to have it landed before it bitrot.
Well, it's in NSPR, so it's unlikely to bitrot.  Only a handful of people have access to that though ... somebody should bug ted on IRC on Monday.
Sorry, after I added comment 8, I found out that NSPR trunk was frozen for a release. I can land this on Monday.
Checking in configure;
/cvsroot/mozilla/nsprpub/configure,v  <--  configure
new revision: 1.303; previous revision: 1.302
Checking in;
/cvsroot/mozilla/nsprpub/,v  <--
new revision: 1.305; previous revision: 1.304

Well, it's *a* monday.
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fix v1.0 (nspr part)

r=wtc.  This patch is in NSPR_4_8_9_BETA2.
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Depends on: 662362
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Thanks for reviews and committing! I've filled bug 662362 as follow-up for NSS part.
Product: Core → Firefox Build System
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