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Make getAttributeNS return null for absent attributes


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Is this web-compatible?  I thought browsers had converged on getAttribute and getAttributeNS returning "" and the DOM spec just hadn't been errata'd accordingly (and that Web DOM Core was going to make that change).
Almost. Browsers have converged on getAttribute returning null, while DOM specs required the empty string. (<>.) IIRC, there was no consensus either way for getAttributeNS, but it seems to make more sense to have them consistent.
Oh, ok.  so I just had it backwards.  Gotcha.
Duplicate of this bug: 382786
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How woudl you feel about doing this in GetAttr instead? There shouldn't be too many implementations of that.
That works for me. (I understood void strings to be frowned upon except for passing to JS directly, though.)
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Yeah, no. This makes reflected attributes return null, and that breaks the web.
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Mentioned on Firefox 13 for developers.
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