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Make js_InitArrayClass non-generic


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Another step toward making bootstrapping special.  This also happens to fix the long-standing bug 592296.  \o/

I'm continuing to stick with jorendorff because he's reviewed the other de-generifying patches.  Note that Array has some special-case handling in js_InitClass which makes this slightly more complicated than RegExp and String were, although not too horribly tricky.

In theory I could remove the Array-specific complexity from js_InitClass now, but it seems better to leave that for a final cleanup once all standard-class initialization is made special.
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Clearing the review bit since I r-'d all the patches along these lines, and Jeff has a new approach that I'm going to be reviewing today.
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This builds on a bunch of the minor abstractions you've already reviewed, or will be reviewing.  It also consolidates some of the old code a bit, now that Array's special-casing has been removed from the general code path.  The comments indicate why more special-casing can't yet be removed, and what needs to be done to do so.
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This (along with most things committed on Friday afternoon) was backed out of mozilla-inbound in order to clear up orange.
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