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Internet keywords should not be used to resolve relative links


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Not set





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(Keywords: qawanted)

If you go to:
and press "Pickup Card >>" you're send to
This should never be the case!

Either a 404 error or something like that! Not a weird search page.
if internet keywords are disabled, I'm not sent to Netscape search, I get a
www.<lots of numbers>.com not found error.
I still think it's *very* wrong to redirect a form submission to a external 
search! External search should only work when the user type words into the 
Location field and pressing Go/Enter...
this looks like a problem with the website, not Mozilla, although I agree that
internet keywords shouldn't be used from links. Perhaps a change of summary to
"Internet keywords should not be used to resolve relative links"?
Summary: form submission should never result in search → Internet keywords should not be used to resolve relative links
This is probably a duplicate of bug 34943, although I don't see the Internet 
Keywords feature (or mentioned there.
Clicking on links doesn't sound like a search problem, sounds deeper, like in
necko. Although I don't think it's an exact dup of 34943 at quick glance, it's
probably very similar if not an outright dup. Reassigning to gagan.
Assignee: matt → gagan
internet keywords is in webshell->rpotts. 
Rick it seems like to your list of conditions on when the internet keywords kick 
in you might want to add this -- (3) the URL is from the location bar
Assignee: gagan → rpotts
Target Milestone: --- → Future
this could be a potential privacy/security issue too. And so am nominating for 
Keywords: nsbeta1
The URL stated here does not work for me, but I assume that bug's what is also
mentioned in bug 34943 recently (though I think it does belong here but not there):

------- Additional Comments From Marcello Nuccio 2001-03-12 10:39 -------

A link like http:/cgi-bin/man2html?locate+1l (note the single '/' after 'http:')
should be interpreted as relative to the hostname in the URL of the page.

Example: I'm reading
and I click on the link above; Navigator4.76, lynx and w3m load
Mozilla (Build ID: 2001031005; Linux) loads
if internet keywords are disabled, and
if internet key are enabled.

With this bug, man2html it's unusable with Mozilla, because it generates only
reltive links!

------- Additional Comments From Andreas Otte 2001-03-15 12:11 -------

This kind of relative urls is deprecated with rfc2396 and we decided to no
longer support it. 

If Andreas' comment is right, then the problem I had today with a HTML-based DNS
Adminstration is a WONTFIX :(
Does this still happen, the original link is busted.
Blocks: 104166
qa to me.
QA Contact: claudius → benc
+qawanted - need testcase and figure out if this needs to be fixed.
Keywords: qawanted
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