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The "application/xhtml+xml" MIME Media Type


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BuildID:    2001010901

Over HTTP, when Mozilla is served a file with the application/xhtml+xml media 
type it gives an "Unknown File Type" error.  Could it instead parse it as XML?

For more information see:

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set up a webserver with the "application/xhtml+xml" MIME Type registered for 
".xhtml" and ".xht" file extensions
2. Place a valid XHTML file on the webserver, with a name like test.xhtml
3. Attempt to see this file in Mozilla

Actual Results:  An "Unknown File Type" error message is displayed

Expected Results:  Displayed the page, treating the file as an XML document
is this a standard or just a draft?
It's an IETF Internet-Draft.
Reporter do you have a testcase we can use?
Attachment is application/xml; Bugzilla wouldn't let me use 
Assignee: asa → heikki
Component: Browser-General → XML
Ever confirmed: true
QA Contact: doronr → petersen
Setting URL to a test page I already had up for this.

The present IETF Internet-Draft is

While parameters like "schema-location" may still be up for debate, it seems a
foregone conclusion that "application/xhtml+xml" will indeed be the official
media type for XHTML.
An additional thought -- shouldn't Mozilla actually treat /all/ XML MIME 
subtypes that it doesn't recognise as if they were application/xml?  For 
example, if I were to open a file with the (fictional) subtype 
application/foobar+xml without a "foobar" plugin or helper app -- Mozilla could 
parse it as XML rather than give the "Unknown File Type" error message.

BTW Robin I agree with your last comment -- and the W3C web site seems to refer 
to it as application/xhtml+xml now rather than just the "XHTML media type".
I should also mention RFC 3023 (XML Media Types) -- -- which discusses the possibility of 
content types like application/mathml+xml and image/svg+xml.
Do other browsers support this and other new MIME types?  
Will try to fix this in M0.9.1 if it isn't too expensive.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.1
Neither Opera 5.0 nor MSIE 5.X support "application/xhtml+xml"; Amaya is AFAIK 
the only one.
I have a fix for this and applcation/xml mime type, but they both still exhibit
a bug with view source (you get a file download dialog instead of view source -
Whiteboard: [fixinhand]
The patch v1.0 fixes this bug, bug 75031 and partially bug 26384.

I discussed the benefits of NS_LITERAL_STRING on netscape.public.mozilla.xpcom.
the mime type related stuff looks good to me, r=valeski. however I don't think 
you need to add the type to nsContentDLF.cpp, do you?
nsContentDLF.cpp changes: Probably not, but since its is still there I'd rather
keep it in sync with nsLayoutDLF.cpp.
r=harishd for patchv1.1
sr=vidur. It's scary how many places needed to change to support the new mime
types. There are going to be more coming down the pipe in the next several
Closed: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Marking verified in the May 03rd build. (2001050308)
For historical reference, the "application/xhtml+xml" MIME type is not a draft any longer. The registration is published as RFC 3236.
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