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Bump ChatZilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.4


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With the new version scheme the compatibility for SeaMonkey should be changed to 2.4.*
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Version bump inc locales [Checked in: Comment 3]

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r=silver if the Gecko versions are correct.

::: locales/generic/install.rdf
@@ +42,5 @@
>  		<!-- target: SeaMonkey
>  		     2.0 is Gecko 1.9.1
>  		     2.1 is Gecko 2.0
> +		     2.2 is Gecko 5.0

Is it really jumping from Gecko 2 to Gecko 5?
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> Is it really jumping from Gecko 2 to Gecko 5?

It seems so. See , which seems to have been adopted (further evidence is here , haven't found a proper policy/statement/document/thingummywhatsit myself either I'm afraid).

(also, hello! ;-))
Summary: Bump Venkman compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.4 → Bump ChatZilla compatibility for SeaMonkey 2.4
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Thanks :)
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Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:7.0a1) Gecko/20110609 Firefox/7.0a1 SeaMonkey/2.4a1 ID:20110609003045

/usr/seamonkey/distribution/extensions/{59c81df5-4b7a-477b-912d-4e0fdf64e5f2}.xpi::install.rdf has the new maxVersion but this is not automatically reflected in about:addons for two reasons:
- distribution/extensions/ is not even looked at except on an appversion change; now the nightly appVersion changed from 2.2a1pre to 2.4a1 just *before* taking in this new build of cZ
- even on an appVersion change, the new extension version is only installed if strictly higher than the previously installed version.

So, the following steps are necessary, with no restart between (1) and (2):
1) in about:config, lower the value of extensions.lastAppVersion to (in my case) 7.0a0
2) in (profile)/extensions/{59c81df5-4b7a-477b-912d-4e0fdf64e5f2}.xpi::install.rdf line 5, reduce the extension version (of the cZ build about to be thrown away) from 0.9.87 to (for instance) (note: an XPI is just a ZIP with a different extension).
3) Restart SeaMonkey.

On restart, SeaMonkey checks all your extensions for compatibility, and (if you have the curiosity to check), the versions are restored to SeaMonkey:2.4a1 and cZ:0.9.87

After all this (which I just did), chatZilla is not anymore shown as "incompatible" in about:addons => VERIFIED.
oops: at step 1, 2.4a0
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