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Autoconfig wizard: Fix styling and order of buttons on Windows


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Windows 7
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Thunderbird 8.0


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The Windows platform standard is to have cancel as the rightmost button. The patch uses CSS box ordinals to fix this. (I've also cleaned up a bit of unused CSS code.)

Also, different sizes for button text is pretty non-standard. As a replacement, bwinton suggested bolding the important buttons, so I've done that.

One thing I'm concerned about is third-party themes -- all of them would also have to include the same CSS. I'm not sure if we have a way to not do this, or if this is worth worrying about at all.

Blake, is it fine if you do both the code and the UI reviews?

(note: I spent a whole day trying to use a XUL dialog to get the correct order, but it's just broken for anything non-trivial)
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This dialog is imitating a wizard, with Next and Back buttons. That's why the Next button is on the very right. This is intentional and approved like that.
Also, the Cancel button should be next to the Back button.

Suggest WONTFIX.
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I like the change to remove the different button sizes and instead make it bold.
The dialog is clearly not a wizard -- wizards have separate pages and a (mostly) linear ordering, while our dialog shows all the information at once and has branching state transitions. While it's great (and probably better) that on Mac and Linux the two coincide, on Windows that simply isn't the case.

Your point about the order of the Create button (I assume you meant that instead of cancel) is well taken -- I myself wasn't sure. But in that case, I think the order should 

Anyway, I'm going to make Blake make the call here.
> But in that case, I think the order should

... be stop|re-test, continue|create, cancel. That's a very simple fix though.
Heh, turns out that on Windows, wizards have their cancel buttons to the right too, e.g.
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patch v1

Review of attachment 541969 [details] [diff] [review]:

"stop|re-test, continue|create, cancel" seems like the obvious analogue to "back, forward, cancel", so r=me and ui-r=me, with the nit below fixed, and the question below answered.

::: mail/themes/pinstripe/mail/accountCreation.css
@@ -10,5 @@
> -  text-decoration: underline;
> -  background-color: inherit;
> -  cursor: pointer;
> -}
> -

I would like to see a commented out definition for ".important-button" here, so that we can compare the style files across platforms.

::: mail/themes/qute/mail/accountCreation.css
@@ +5,3 @@
>  }
> +/* Set the order of the buttons to: (continue|create account), (stop|re-test), cancel */

Does that do the right thing in RTL languages?
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Attachment #541969 - Flags: review?(bwinton)
Attachment #541969 - Flags: review+
(In reply to comment #9)
> Does that do the right thing in RTL languages?

Yes, the order of the buttons correctly gets reversed to cancel, create account, re-test on the left and manual/advanced config on the right. I tested by adding a CSS rule for window { direction: rtl; } .
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patch v1

This is a polish fix -- wonder if it'd make sense to land it on Aurora.
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... though I guess there is a non-zero l10n impact in that we're changing the size of some text.
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patch v1

I think we should leave it to 8 and l10n can have a chance to check it there when they do their normal work.
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