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First run about:home is too cluttered with widgets


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Currently about:home has received another widget added to it through bug 666973, and it is in my opinion that about:home has too cluttered and complicated with widgets for options and directions. It feels like there's a little too much going on. Is there any way to consolidate or tweak (width of some of the bottom buttons) all the widgets?

I'd be curious what others think.
bug 666973 talks about addding something to firstrun, but this one is about adding a widget to about:home, which is the start page people see every time. Just looking for clarification - are we putting language selection on about:home?
To be clear - I think something has to hit a pretty high bar of user-value to make it onto about:home, and I'd be all for a review of whether there are things we can remove.
Related bug: bug 646899 -- update visual style of about:home
Assignee: nobody → ibarlow
We are showing "Choose Language" on about:home only on firstrun (i.e. if the sidebar animation was also shown). This was done when we decided not to show the locale picker on firstrun. More up-to-date mockups of the flow we want for FF8 are in:
If the additional "widget" for "Choose Language" is too much, we can remove the "Tabs from last time" widget on firstrun, since it is always empty.
Hi all, here is a proposed fix for decluttering the first run about:home, in context with other changes from bug 64689

Note moving the language picker up into the help/feedback segmented control

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

^ that was supposed to read bug 646899, sorry
From Bug 672352: we need a way to explain permissions to users. I suggest to go beyond that and explain browser features incl. Privacy to new users:

My proposal is to add a section "Meet your new mobile browser" (to be rephrased) to the new redesigned about:home and to keep it there for a few days after installation or upgrade. That link / button would link to a page that shows (1) new and important features (with links to most recent release notes and to, (2) How Firefox protects your privacy. (2) could describe (a) DNT and related features, (b) have a section "Permissions explained" as requested here. 

Ian, could you chime in and potentially provide design mocks that would keep the clean and light character of the redesigned about:home page while integrating this new request? Note that, perhaps, "feedback" and "help" could be collapsed into one "Help" or "Contact" element.
See Also: → 672352
Closed: 8 years ago
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