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findCallerFrame should not call String.match on a filename (testUndoTabFromContextMenu.js)


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Module:    testUndoTabFromContextMenu.js
Test:      testUndoTabFromContextMenu    
Failure:   invalid quantifier 
Branches:  ALL
Platforms: ALL

With the landing of the assertions module in our current shared module system, we introduced an orange failure. Not sure how to reproduce so far but looks like something is wrong with calling the findCallerFrame method.
Keywords: regression
A web search showed me that it is related to RegEx. I will dig into later.
Ok, so this only fails if the repository gets cloned to a temporary location on OS X, e.g. "/var/folders/ur/urRSHOmhFJOHFVCrfZAVW++++TI/-Tmp-/tmpfgdil4.mozmill-tests".

Due to the contained special characters '+' and |-| it's not a valid regex and the call 'frame.filename.match(filename)' will fail. We should simply check if the filename is contained. No need to call match here.
Summary: Test failure 'invalid quantifier ' in testUndoTabFromContextMenu → findCallerFrame should not call String.match on a filename (testUndoTabFromContextMenu.js)
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Patch v1

Looks good.
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Patch v1 (api refactor)

r+, looks fine. 

I agree this was the most appropriate fix. For times when we really do want to inject a string into a regex, I filed Bug 671705.
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Landed on API refactoring repo:
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