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Create a video series of how to get involved in different Mozilla project areas


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We'd like to create a series of videos about how to get involved in different areas of the Mozilla project (support, testing, localization, marketing...).

These can be posted on a new How To page in the Get Involved section of as well as used in other places as appropriate.

Opening this as a tracking bug.  We can start by doing one video and seeing how that goes and then iterate.
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Thanks for starting this David!

We actually discussed with Marcia last week about creating a short 'How to get involved in QA' video that would be used by the ReMo 'QA' special interest group (SIG).

Would be great to start off creating that video as a pilot video and then iterate from there.

Marcia, what do you think?
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William, glad to hear that how to videos would be useful for ReMo too.  We'll definitely want to coordinate on this series.

For the QA video, Marcia, Juan and I are set to shoot something this Thursday (see bug 669990).  Marcia also mentioned that there is a QA video ready to go she shot with Rainer a while back.  That will be uploaded to the video server soon (669991).

Once we start getting some videos in place, I'll set up a page at (or something) as a repository of everything.  It may also make sense to add those videos in other places -- the Mozillians YouTube channel, the ReMo SIG pages, etc.

BTW, I talked about this with a couple other people at the work week and it sounds like there's lots of interest.  For instance, Jay Patel and Janet said they'd love to do one for contributing docs to MDN.
These videos could be very useful for the Mozilla contribute we are organizing for the Mozilla Festival - These could be the intro videos that are played that people can watch as they circulate around the room.
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