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[Mac OS X] Use of Growl for alerts undocumented in SeaMonkey


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Mozilla applications (and many others) running on Mac OS X generate alerts using the external application Growl.  Mac SeaMonkey uses Growl for alerts at the completion of downloads and the arrival of new mail.  Currently, this usage is undocumented. Presumably, alerts will not function without Growl installed. (I don't believe it comes with OS X.) A user without Growl installed will not know why alerts aren't working.

The intent of this bug is make sure Growl is documented at all reasonable locations:
* Help for Browser Downloads Show an Alert
* Help for MailNews Notifications Show an Alert - the Show an Alert option is not even documented in the Help text, needs to be added.  
* System Requirements <> (for current release)
* other places?

The help text should minimally indicate "(requires Growl)".  Perhaps this should even be added to the Show an Alert options in the prefpanes.  The help text could note that Growl is required, and that Growl options are controlled through the Growl Preferences within System Preferences.  Documentation should indicate where to get Growl.  Currently, it's available from, but notes on the site indicate that the Growl developers are planning to move distribution to Apple's Mac Apps Store.  I may go slow on this bug until the dust settles.

I've assigned myself to this bug, figuring it can be My First Patch(es).  I should be able to submit patches for at least the things in SeaMonkey proper.  Don't know about website changes.  Perhaps this will be a meta bug for a series of patches...  Hopefully smarter minds will guide me. :)

Next step: work up text for each location where it is needed.
Sorry, Growl support has been removed from the current versions.

Mass bug change. Please reopen if you disagree.
Closed: 9 years ago
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