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Migrate to Google Location Service v2


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Google is implementing a simpler GLS service and deprecating the old one.  We will migrate.
Attached file New network geolocation provider (obsolete) —
This file replaces the existing NetworkGelocationProvider.js.  It is probably best to just review this file as the diff is going to be huge.

I removed HELD support.  I contacted the contributor and he is fine with it and will probably make an Add-on.

Because of the large code change, I reintented everything to 2 space.  The last file was a mess.
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This may need to be looked at by the security/privacy teams adding kw: sec-review-needed so we can triage the bug and decide yes/no.
Some web developers may have been using undocumented geo features that are going away with this update. We should probably add that to the "what's important for web developers" document for the release that carries this change.
ben, this is mostly the same as the file, but now in diff form.  I updated the tests to be compatible with the new format, and included a tri-lic header.
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spoke to dougt earlier and confirmed the new version of the api does not introduce any new security or privacy risks compared to the existing one in use, and in fact sends back less data. removing sec-review-needed.
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(In reply to Doug Turner (:dougt) from comment #0)
> Google is implementing a simpler GLS service and deprecating the old one. 
> We will migrate.

Is that one still only for use of Firefox or can this one be used more publicly?
Just wondering if this could give bug 494421 some traction...
Mozilla Firefox only.
(In reply to Doug Turner (:dougt) from comment #9)
> Mozilla Firefox only.

OK, thanks, just wanted to clarify that.
Depends on: 668194
Anyone aware of anything in particular that I should be documenting here? Is just saying that the back-end service has been updated enough, or are there specific details that need mentioning?
nope.  killing the flags.
Blocks: 702107
The new scheme unconditionally appends "?browser=firefox&sensor=true" to the end of geo.wifi.uri, which breaks manually setting that pref to a data uri to force a particular location. In my case I don't have wifi on this computer so I want to override the IP based detection with something more accurate. Is there a workaround?
Depends on: 716453
Depends on: 883071
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