Provide a way to disable this @!#$ rich failure logging that fills my terminal

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 9.0


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Thunderbird 9.0

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The title says it all.
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Hmm, I think this should be the other way round -- we shouldn't print rich failures unless we set an env var called (e.g.) MOZMILL_RICH_FAILURES. Then we can update buildbot and set the variable.
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Patch v1

yeah, let's do it the other way round unless you have an objection.
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7 years ago
Yeah sure I just need to find the time to figure out how to talk to the buildbots so that they have the right env variable exported, that's all :)

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Patch v2
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Patch v3

Sorry, I'd left an extra print in there.
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Patch v3

Buildbot patches coming up. We'll need to get those in first.
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patch to buildbotcustom-thunderbird
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patch to buildbotcustom-thunderbird-try
Oh, so you need to define USE_RICH_FAILURES on top as None so that if that code doesn't get run (due to an error perhaps) then python doesn't complain even further about USE_RICH_FAILURES not being defined.
... as None or False.

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7 years ago
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Patch v4

Do you want to check this in at the same time you update the build bots? (I don't know if that's the same repo or not).
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It doesn't need to be simultaneous -- the buildbots can go first, since all we're doing is setting a currently unrecognized envvar.
Mark, gozer, could we get the buildbot patches in sometime?
buildbot patches (thanks!) have been applied to production, try, and try-unittest.  these buildbot instances have been reconfig'd to make the changes live.
Now you just need to apply Patch v4 to the tree(s)

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7 years ago
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